// Professionally, I am a Pitch Trainer for Startups & Individuals with a message.

I help people pitch better.
Pitch structure & Pitch delivery.

(We cut out fluff, sharpen the story and make you mean it. Voice, Body, words.)

What you say, how you say it, why you say it and who you say it to.

Your slide deck is totally complicated and nobody ever remembers it? Meh, I feel you. Let’s talk.
Your story is totally perfect, but you’re dying inside while delivering it? Sweetheart, I feel you. Let’s talk.
You think you’re quite a pro at public speaking, but you want to hit next level? Boom. Step into my office.

I will be working with you on the Presentation, Storyline, your mental precision, spoken word, vocal skills, delivery performance and body language.
It will be a little awkward, a little intense and hopefully a quite a bit of fun. ;)

1500+ Startups & Speakers trained